On my living room wall I have a painting that pictures important places and people that have had strong influences on my life: my family, different places where I have lived and worked and developed my interest in music. It was created from a few pictures sent by e-mail and a one hour Skype conversation between Sweden and Milwaukee. Stephanie did a beautiful job in putting parts of my life story together in one picture. The painting is a gem.
— Gunilla Hedkvist | Sweden
Stephanie took the time to really get to know me, and my vision for the project, as well as produce a painting that was far superior to anything I’d have imagined. The painting, which captured the story of our relationship over the span of 15 years, was gorgeous, personal, and made the perfect gift.
— Lori Fredrich | Milwaukee, WI
Stephanie Barenz has created a marvelous vision for us. She captured the unique architectural features of our community and church and populated it with the people who live, study, and worship here.
— Mark Jeske | Executive Pastor of St. Marcus Lutheran Church | Milwaukee, WI
My partner wants to remodel our living room around Stephanie’s painting of our love story. It’s that good.
— Patron
Stephanie put her own creative touch on an image from our trip to Asia. Our youngest son running on the Great Wall was a very special moment — made even more special when our friend Stephanie captured it on canvas. We will cherish her work forever.
— Kathy and Robert Tatterson
Stephanie is the ideal collaboration partner. She is an excellent listener who valued my thoughts and ideas while maintaining her own strong vision. Stephanie has an open mind and an open heart and the creative work we did together was the best collaborative experience I’ve ever had.
— Molly Snyder | Partner of S.Barenz Studio
The painting Stephanie created for us documents the first three years of our relationship. It took me a long time to be able to look at it without tearing up with joy because her visual story of our love is fiercely accurate and beautifully executed.
— Patron