Middle Kingdoms

In 2011, I packed my bags and headed to Hangzhou, China for a year of teaching English and Intercultural Communications to college students. It was a gloriously disorienting year that completely shifted my world view. It was also a year of love, because I met my husband, Zach, during my time there. When I returned home, I created this series about my experience of being abroad. Zach and I will be returning to Shanghai in the summer of 2017, as he recently accepted a job offer there.

This series was also integrated into a collaborative book project that I created with Molly Snyder while we were both a part of the Pfister Hotel's Artist-In-Residence program. Molly, the writer-in-residence, wrote creative copy for thirty paintings that I created during my residency at the Pfister. The result was a book called The Carriers, which you can read by clicking here.