Heading out of the Dimensional

The series title, Heading out of the Dimensional, is inspired by a line from the poem, *Vanishing Point, written by Billy CollinsPoetry is often a source of inspiration for my work.  In this poem, I was interested in the way Collins describes the vanishing point as a place where we begin to head out of the dimensional. The first part of this series, Here We Are at the Vanishing Point, are my interpretations of moving closer to the vanishing point where as this series are my depictions of what comes after we reach the horizon.

- Billy Collins, 1988

"With an apple I want to astonish Paris."
- Paul Cezanne

You thought it was just a pencil dot
art students made in the middle of the canvas
before they started painting the barn, cows, haystacks, 

or just a point where railroad tracks fuse, 
a spot engineers stare at from the cabs of trains
as they clack through the heat of prairies
heading out of the dimensional. 

But here I am at the vanishing point, 
looking back at everything as it zooms toward me, 
barns, cows, tracks, haystacks, farmers, the works, 
shrinking, then disappearing into this iota
as if pulled by a gravity that is horizontal. 

I am a catcher behind the home plate of the world, 
a scientist observing a little leak in reality. 

I watch the history of architecture narrow down
to nothing, all straight lines rushing away from
themselves like men who have caught on fire. 
Every monument since Phidias converges on this speck. 
Imagine a period that could swallow all the sentences
in an encyclopedia. 

I have reached the heaven of geometry
where every line in every theorem aspires to go. 
Even the vanishing points in drawings vanish here. 
And if you do not believe me, look at where
the tangents of your garage are aimed. 

You have heard of the apple that astonished Paris? 
This is the nostril of the ant that inhaled the universe.