What are your prices?

Prices range depending on size and complexity. Commissions are generally 30% to 40% more due to the extra time that is put into them.  For commissions I will compile a list of your requests and then create a quote based on them. Review my price list to see estimates for commissions. Go to my portfolio and click on the original paintings and drawings available for purchase. 

What are limited edition prints and how are they printed?

  • Giclée (zhee-clay) describes the reproduction method used to create these fine art prints. This method is archival and produces accurate results. The French definition of the word means, "to spray ink." 
  • I use a local fine art printer who uses archival inks on canvas, watercolor paper, or photo based paper.
  • Each print is part of a limited edition, which means there are only  a certain amount of prints available in that edition of printing.
  • Each print is signed with the edition number, title, signature of the artist, and date.
  • Each print comes framed and matted in a gallery style frame.

What are gallery frames?

  • Gallery frames are frames that are typically used in museums and galleries. They are simple, modern frame that come in neutral colors.

What is a Certificate of Authenticity?

  • A Certificate of Authenticity authenticates that the hand-signed print originates from my studio. It is numbered and contains my signature.

What is a Certificate of Title?

  • A Certificate of Title guarantees the provenance of your painting.
  • It establishes the collectible and insurable value of the painting.
  • To be valid it must detail the original work of art, contain your contact information, the artist’s signature, and the date.

What is an art commission?

  • An art commission is the hiring and payment for the creation of a custom piece of original art.
  • A commission gives collectors the option to customize the size of their painting, along with other details such as subject matter and color. 

How long does it take to complete a commissioned painting?

  • Each painting is unique, and each collector is provided with an estimate based on the factors below:
    • Date the commission is booked
    • Size of canvas
    • Subject matter
    • Shipping / Travel time, if applicable
  • Once the commission is started it generally takes 30 - 60 days to paint mid-sized  paintings and anywhere from 60-120 days for large paintings. 

What if I do not like my commission after it is created? 

  • This has never been the case for any of my patrons purchasing my commissioned paintings or original art works. Your satisfaction and the quality of the work is my highest priority. 
  • I do not take artistic direction from my patrons but  I do take into account what they desire for their painting. Therefore, I do the following to ensure that my patrons are happy with their finished paintings: 
    • Interview: I discuss the story you would like to outline. I take extensive notes and asks a lot of questions to excavate the story. 
    • Contract: You sign a contract that discusses the elements of the painting. These include but are not limited to: description of palette, size, subject matter, start and completion date, and any other additional needs of the client.
    • Sketches: I have you approve her sketches before moving forward with the painting.
    • Images: I send you a picture of the painting two to three times during its creation. 
    • Final Approval: A final image is sent to you before it is sealed. I am willing to make changes as long as they are within the reasonable terms outlined in the contract and do not compromise my artistic integrity.

Who commissions paintings?

  • My commissions generally come from new and experienced art collectors, companies, banks, law firms, networking groups, non-profit organizations, churches,  and corporations. 
  • My paintings are often commissioned for a retirement, anniversary, or to commemorate a milestone event.

Do you do out-of-town commissions? 

  • Yes, I do out-of-town commissions but will charge a premium which will cover travel, shipping, and extra time.
  • Premiums vary depending upon location and distance from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where S. Barenz Studio is located. 

What type of materials do you use for your paintings?

  • I use acrylic, pencil, india ink (a permanent archival ink), and Kamar varnish (a non-yellowing, protective, archival varnish that is sprayed onto the face of the painting in order to seal it).  
  • The paintings usually come on either a stretched, primed canvas or a primed wood panel.
  • The wood panels are made by a carpenter who creates a box-like frame and then adheres a material called masonite to the face with a glue.
  • Masonite is a common material that painters use. It is a type of hardboard made from steam-cooked and pressure-molded wood fibers.
  • My canvases are made by Infrastructure Canvas, LLC. 

How do I care for my painting?

  • Please avoid extreme shifts in temperature. The protective varnish will start to stick if painting is stored in extreme heat or humidity.
  • If your painting is on canvas it can be easily punctured. Therefore, do not lean anything against it.
  • If your painting is on a wood panel be aware of edges and how easily they can become damaged if you do not protect them while moving it.
  • The wood panel will also warp if exposed to extreme temperatures. Dropping your painting may result in breaking the glue bond that holds the masonite face on. 
  • Do not wipe with a wet cloth or use cleaning chemicals on the painting. If you need to remove dirt or other foreign substance then it is best to contact an art conservator for cleaning instructions.
  • Only hang frames by the wire, not the ledge of the frame. This could result in your painting getting knocked off the wall or damaging the frame itself.

What is a copyright and what does “© All rights reserved” mean?

  • It means that Stephanie Barenz  is the sole legal owner of her intellectual property and she reserves all of her rights.
  • Ownership of a physical painting, drawing, print, book, or stationary set does not constitute any reproduction rights.
  • Federal and international copyright laws strictly prohibit reproduction of any kind, including but not limited to electronic reproduction, without prior written authorization from me, Stephanie Barenz. 
  • Unauthorized reproduction creates significant legal liability and penalties and violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Who did the photography on your website? 

  • Dr. Royal Brevväxling is a Milwaukee photographer, freelance writer, and educator. He photographed images of me on my "Commissions" page. 
  • The video on the S.Barenz Studio homepage was created by Life Productions. 
  • Dustin Zick's photography appears on my "Commissions" page. 
  • Z2 Marketing photographed my headshot which appears on my "Home" page and my "About" page.