My mixed-media work concentrates on how travel can transform a relationship with home and place. I have always been fascinated with the vulnerable act of going towards the unknown and the search for a place to belong. I am interested in the journey, and its ability to change someone as they move onto new regions, neighborhoods, or cultures. The feeling of displacement that comes along with travel is often what generates my work. The unfamiliar heightens awareness of what is familiar, comfortable, and known. Encountering place, whether through strolling or sojourning, can change perspectives and world views.

You will often see scenes of the everyday in my work--people engaging in common activities and social interactions, and accessible views of architecture and landscape. I believe the ordinary is extraordinary, and the act of moving, whether it is walking, commuting, or traveling, can foster this mindset. Along with these themes, the goal of my work is to stimulate a conversation about the sanctity of knowing one's neighbor, whether that is someone across the street or ocean.